SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status

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  • SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status
  • SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status
  • SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status
  • SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status
  • SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status
  • SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status
  • SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status
  • SpotUrTrain : Live Train Status IRCTC PNR status


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here is one unique facility for the users of Running Status in App.

1) Spot Your Train
2) Live Station
3) Train Schedule
4) Trains Between Station
5) Cancelled Train
6) Rescheduled Train
7) Diverted Train
8) PNR Status

“SpotUrTrain” shows the live status of the trains running in india. Easily Spot your train in seconds with just the train number.
spot your train live status by this app.get running train status live and find indian train status.

“Where is my Train” is a unique train app that gets live train status and up-to-date schedules from Indian Railways offline without needing Internet or GPS. It is also packed with other useful features like quickly checking IRCTC seat availability, fares, PNR status tracking and setting destination alarms. It has a rapidly growing fan base among Indian train travelers and is the highest rated travel app in India. Thanks to all the users who made the app better every day by their feedbacks.

Wher is my Train and spot your train is running in SopturTrain Live.
Best running train status and best train app of 2018 .

Why do you need Spot Live train app?


– Do a PNR status check any time to know whether your Indian Railways seat is confirmed or not.
– Get PNR predictions to know the chances of ticket confirmation, before and after your booking.
– Stay informed with automated PNR status updates.


– Check IRCTC train ticket and seat availability 6 days prior and post the desired date of travel.
– Get a detailed train time table for all trains
– Do an Indian Railway enquiry by simply typing the name of the stations, cities or towns.
– Book your Indian Rail tickets directly on IRCTC via the railway apps.


– Check live running status for over 5000+ Indian Rail trains running under the Indian Railways.
– Know where your train has reached in real time & get alerts for any delays in train running status.
– Set a Station Alarm as a reminder that your station is approaching.


– See train timetable for all Indian rail passenger and express trains.
– Get answers to all your Indian Railways enquiries.
– Calculate exactly how much refund you are eligible for on ticket cancellation with the help of the Refund Calculator feature.
– Explore seat/berth maps to find convenient seats.
– Major Indian rail trains covered: Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani, Duronto Express, Garib Rath, Jan Shatabdi, Inter-city, Superfast Trains, etc.

Note: ‘Launch Map’- launches the default android ‘Maps’ application which can show the exact location of the train on Google Maps. Please note: this will work only if the ‘Maps’ application and location features are available on your device; these are pre-installed on most android phones and tablets.for more info visit Ezeonsoft.

Train status information shown is from the National Train Enquiry system –

What new in version: 1.0!




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