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The Message for SMS with animoji phone x ๐ŸŽ‡ is the great text messaging app and there are many reasons why people love it.
Still using stuffy SMS app? Upgrade to Phone X Message for SMS 2018 now!
With many beautiful Message SMS themes, countless funny animoji Message with 3D emoji.

Have been waiting for iMessenger for android?
If yes, free phone x message for SMS is exactly what you need! Text messenger for SMS can really work as iMessenger style OS11.

Moreover, OS 11 Message for phone x is a perfect solution to keep in touch with your friends.
Best phone x messenger app is a cool sms message which make sharing and chatting with your friends more convenient than ever!
Message style OS11 app has a smooth design and easy to use that help you give the ultimate message for SMS experience.
Quickly share all types of media: animoji message, pictures, videos, cute emoji message phone x and many moreโ€ฆ with messenger sms android.
Letโ€™s capture your moment that matter to you most with Message OS11 app.
Dress your message with Messenger SMS themes yik yak, Message for SMS wallpapers and much more suprises in free SMS Message.
Share your location instantly instead of explaining where you are and send message for sms meeting place map directly to your friend.
Watch and send youtube videos through message directly from New Message for Phone X SMS.
Have you accidentally deleted all the text message with 2018 sms theme from your phone? Don’t panic!
One more interesting feature new messenger version 2018 is that recovery and delete message.
Message for SMS deliver message faster than any other!

Phone X Message style os11 is packed with perfect features:

โˆ— All feature message for SMS your car need โ€“ driving mode
โˆ— Keep your message from hacker attack in free messaging private box
โˆ— Countless message for SMS themes OS11 that make your text message in a unique and beautiful way
โˆ— Support import sms from i message phone x
โˆ— Free text & free call screen with themes
โˆ— Animoji for messenger phone x
โˆ— Easy way to change text message bubble, color and font
โˆ— New messenger with yik yak sms themes 2018
โˆ— Customize message by taking photo as wallpaper phone x or choose wallpaper from photo gallery
โˆ— Express yourself with emoji message for SMS
โˆ— Funny text messages, SMS, MMS, GIFs, animoji phone x and emoji messages
โˆ— Your style with a lot of message for SMS ringtone
โˆ— One click to connect calls with Messages
โˆ— Message automatically backup and restore to any devices
โˆ— Stop annoying spammers in Phone X Message SMS blocker

Support many other messenger apps:
– Support Facebook Messenger
– Support iMessenger for Android
– Support i Message with OS11 Themes
– Support Android Messages Yik Yak
– Any many more messenger for sms app

This message for SMS features is the best to stay social.
Falling in love? Feeling over excited?
When word canโ€™t enough, add some fun to the message for SMS text by choosing emoji message, location message and Youtube video messageโ€ฆ
Just share a text message for SMS which is so funny, so frustrating, so amazing to your friends and social media.
Message for SMS that look like iMessenger is now available for Android.
So yeah! Try these Message for SMS app and do let us know what do you think of.

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New Messenger for SMS 2018 - Message Themes Free