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  • Guide for samsung health
  • Guide for samsung health


Previously we use Samsung S Health, in this year Samsung Health app is the best to keep up your body fit and healthy, in this guide for s health samsung we help you to know how to use perfectly samsung health apps free.

we know all that our health is th moste important thing that we have so we should always try to keep our body healthy by Getting the right nutrition, making exercices, sleeping well and always well hhydrated.

This new Samsung health guide care help you a lot to improve your health.

samsung health walking app or running app as some people call it, helps to to record all activities, food, caffeine, sleep, water, steeps, running details, weight, Kcal calories and others.

So you can manage your life as you want and improve your body health.

Samsung health app give you also heart rate information and blood pressure, glucose degries and your Degree of stress.

You can make your planning, tracking your workouts and reviewing all details.

we give you more informatins and details for best use of this application, and some tips and advices for how to maintain your body in a good s health.

Samsung health app can guide you to achieve your goals

samsung health walking mate offer you to invite all friends you want to join you in a new challenge
This new guide for samsung health helps you to achieve your goals.

if you want to getting fit i advice you to do it with some fiends and it is more fun to get fit with friends and that encourage you to do your best and win the challenge.

after any challenge Compare your exercise results with all other friends, have fun with doing dayly your best to progress with time.

I like Samsung Health app, it’s very useful and help you to get fit, manage your time, do all thing in your life correclty properly and easily


This is NOT an Official Guide of Samsung Health app. The application name is the property of their respective owners. This is NOT a Cheats, NOT an Official application. We made Best Guide for Samsung Health app only as FREE for all users and precisely for FAN application with no cheats, only for those who wants to enjoying. If there is any trademark or copyright violation that does not follow within the Fair Use, please contact us and we will immediately take action on it.

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