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This app is a guide application where we explain how to install and use the mp3 player in your android devices. This is NOT an Official Guide. By following the instructions in this guide, you will be able to save and listen to online mp3s and songs without the need of internet connection. If you are a music fan, if you like mp3 songs and popular music … this app is for you! This free guide explain and gives the most important steps to install and use the app very easily, it is a small tutorial on how to use and install the mp3 player application. This guide also has a game feature where you can choose it from the home page screen, in case you were bored or you just want to have fun. The game consists of jumping with an owl to get inside a targeted tubes ! The game is simple, clear and very addictive. Don’t waste more time and get this one and only double featured app! A mp3 guide with a classic game! This guide also explains all the possible and available ways to install the app; it explains how to install the app in android phones and tablets. Get now this free guide to have an idea about all the tips and tricks. Just follow the easy steps we explained in this guide to install and use the app easily and quickly. Its simplicity, easiness, and rapidity make it one of the best mp3 player guides available in the market. Once your mp3s are stored in your phone or sd card, you will not need internet connection anymore to listen to them, and it’s free! Have fun listening to your songs with easiest possible way! We all agree that music and songs are for all ages: kids, toddlers, teenagers and adults! It can help you develop your concentration skills and can be a very addictive sometimes.

Please note that this is an unofficial guide made by fans to explain how to install and use the app ! It is written using the easiest words and sentences so the user can understand all the steps easily. Let’s not forget that you can use this guide without the need of internet connection. Start following the app instructions inside to start enjoying your favorite songs and playing the amazing awl game.. Just try it now and you won’t be disappointed.

100% free guide application
Simple and clear explanation
Simple and clear design
Easy to use
Adapted to mobile and tablet
How to search your favorite mp3
Play and share songs.
Easy, Fast and quick
How to manage your mp3s ‬‬‬
How to share your songs
Doesn’t require internet connection
Save money and time
Compatible with all mobile market
Cool design adapted to mobile and tablets
Free guide
Featured cool awl game
Classic jumping game
Easy use with a single click

Our main goal is to be able to provide our users with the most important information in order to give them the possibility to use the mp3 player app with the easiest possible way. And give them some fun with a classic addictive game. Thank you for choosing our mp3 player guide, we hope you like it. If you have a problem or a suggestion, please contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.

What new in version: 2!



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