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Wake You Up Alarm – will make your Android equipment transformed into a reliable, stylish, beautiful alarm clock gadget.
▼Completely free, take less mobile phone content.
▼Supports several alarm mode :solving math problem, shaking phone ,input verification code or default ring to wake you up. You will never oversleep, or miss the most important activity.
▼Bedtime : the sleep time and wake-up time are set , it will remind you when the bedtime. With adequate sleep , you could get up easier without anxious mood.
▼Wake up with your favorite music every day,it support the local music.
▼Unlimited alarms – set them to multiple times, one at a time, repeat or loop, and use a ringtone from your own phone library.
▼Stopwatch: easy to use, perfect fit sports, games, work, cooking and other scenes!
▼Bedside clock: you could use it as a cool bedside clock with many stylish color. Besides , there is a sleep timer which could help sleep better with the natural sounds.
▼Pretty personality of the skin:you could choose the theme which match your taste.
▼Easy to use an alarm clock
▼The alarm sounds loud and loud.
The simplest is the best, this alarm clock is very simple .Convenient and personalized features that allow you to get up from now on is a kind of enjoyment.

What new in version: 1.0.4!



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