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What is Samsung Pay? :

Think of it as a digital wallet that houses all your credit cards. Instead of digging out your credit card, handing it to the cashier to swipe and sign for the bill, you just tap a Samsung phone that supports Samsung Pay, make the transaction and you’re done.

How does it work? :

Pretty simple. It works on the same machines that you swipe your credit card with. No, really. Because Samsung Pay uses Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), which essentially emits a magnetic signal that emulates the magnetic swiping action on the credit card machine.

On top of that, it also works with Near Field Communication (NFC). If you noticed how some of your cards have the Visa payWave or Mastercard PayPass logos, that’s what it is. That means you just tap the phone on an NFC terminal that has the PayWave or PayPass logo, and voila, payment done.

How do you use Samsung Pay? :

It’s just a matter of letting the Samsung phone scan your fingerprint or entering your personal identification number and placing the phone on the payment terminal. That’s all it takes. We told you it’s easy, and we weren’t kidding.

Is it really secure? :

If you’re that paranoid and don’t believe your fingerprint keeps your payment secure, take heed that Samsung doesn’t actually hold any of your credit card details. Instead, it uses an encrypted digital token for sensitive card information.
There’s also an added security layer from Samsung KNOX, which keeps a lookout for malicious software and dodgy activities happening on your phone.

Close to a month into the launch of Samsung Pay and you might have already mastered the nuances of the mobile payment system.

After all, it’s really as simple as tapping the phone to a payment terminal, authorise it with your fingerprint or PIN and you are good to go.

But before you get all excited about using Samsung Pay, there are a few things you should be aware of before you start tapping and paying with Samsung Pay. Or in our words, how to use Samsung Pay like a boss.
Tip 1: Put all your credit cards on Samsung Pay
It might seem a tad excessive but it’s really necessary. At least it’s quite easy to add cards to Samsung Pay as the app is smart enough to identify the credit card numbers when the camera scans and captures the details…….*see more in this guide

*many of sweden people like samsung pay app swedbank also samsung pay app download

*Most. Samsung Pay currently supports credit cards from CIMB, Citibank, Maybank and Standard Chartered, along with Maybank debit and prepaid cards. Hong Leong Bank will follow suit.
You can also add your loyalty cards to Samsung Pay. For now the list includes Bonuslink, Sunway Pals and B Infinite, with more loyalty cards joining in the coming months.
Can I spend as much as I want with Samsung Pay?
Payments made via NFC, meaning payWave or PayPass, as well as via MST are limited to RM250 per transaction.
Show me where I can tap and pay with Samsung Pay!
Oh boy, this is going to be a long list. But safe to say, over 90% of stores in Malaysia already support Samsung Pay. Think your usual gadget retailers, favourite restaurant or café, grocery shopping, fashion and department stores. Trust us, you can use Samsung Pay almost anywhere.
Well, except at your local mamak, where cash is still king.

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