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  • Tips for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
  • Tips for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
  • Tips for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien


We share you tips and tricks for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.

Tips for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is a place where user can find best tips, tricks and guide to play the game. At the start of the stage there’ll be some objects that you can destroy to your right to earn some points that will help upgrade each of the aliens as you progress throughout the game. Also destroying some of these will restore your health and to help recharge the Omnitrix to perform combos for each of the aliens you can morph into. Head back towards where you came in then to your right heading to the next area. You can destroy the vase on your way for the DNA points. Once there where you came in from the area will cave in preventing you from trying to go out where you came in so scratch trying to head that way out. Here there should be a device that you’ll need to lower the lever and some breakable objects for more DNA points. Pull the lever so the gate will drop but the only problem is you’ll going to deal with some Pickaxe Minions here. They aren’t too tough to deal with and should pose too much of a threat against you.

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