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The Winners Workout is an effective all-round fitness method by Kickboxing World Champion Rico Verhoeven, but translated to your level. The mobile application allows users to choose 1 of the 12 workout programs, which are based on 3 fitness goals; strength, endurance, flexibility or a combination of these 3. All exercises can be done inside the gym, outdoors or at home. Besides that, users have the option to pick exercises individually outside the fixed training programs.

Video instructions
Each exercise has an elaborate description and provides the user with high quality multi-angle instruction videos, including in-image cues.

The application offers users to give feedback after completing a workout as well as a unique option to track progress and analyse their data providing them with a complete fitness experience.

Food videos
A variety of food recipes are available to complement your workout with healthy nutrients. We offer recipes for every time of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

All videos are accompanied by uplifting training music created by international dance sensation DJ Hardwell.

Updates & User support
We continuously strive to improve and support the app to maintain a high level standard and great user experience. If you have any further questions about our app or seek support? Send us an email at

User Info
The initial download and usage of the app is free of charge. In the free version, users have access to the fittest, introduction videos, 3 exercises per workout and 3 recipes. In order to unlock all workouts and food recipes we require a one-time-only fee. Paid users will also benefit from any updates and new features/content that will be added in the future without any additional subscription fee.

What new in version: 1.0.4!




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