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Get active, raise money and change lives with the Sport Relief app. You can make your steps count towards The Nation’s Billion Steps Challenge, set up competitive leagues with friends, take on some of Sport Relief’s iconic celebrity challenges, and access exclusive celebrity workout routines that will help inspire you to get moving and get fundraising.

The Nation’s Billion Step Challenge: This Sport Relief we are asking the nation to come together on the app to beat one billion steps a day, every day, from Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd March. Start making your steps count now and watch the nation’s total build as that all important week approaches.

Track your steps and set yourself a target
Follow and contribute to The Nation’s total
Take on step based equivalents of iconic Sport Relief journeys like John Bishop’s Paris to London challenge or Gary Barlow and his celebrity friends’ climb up Kilimanjaro
Set up a private league with your mates and go head to head
Join one of our fun, open, Sport Relief leagues
Celebrity workouts:
Get inspired by our fun, simple to do celebrity workouts
Once completed you can add the steps to your total
Raise money:
Set up a Giving Page and get sponsored

And become a Sport Relief legend yourself.

Please note this app is for those who are 16 and over and is intended for UK users only. Find out more about Sport Relief at

That by using the app, we will:
• Connect the app to your phone’s Google Fit/Health tracker to track steps
• Send you in-app notifications, to encourage you to work out and to congratulate you when you hit targets
• Access your Photos and Camera, to change your profile picture

Please read our privacy policy and our in-app privacy notice.

Please also read our terms and conditions.

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