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Smash or Pass Challenge reigns is last and most a popular challenge game ! Play now the last version of the game played by thousands of youtubers. Swipe left or right depending if you like or not a given popular character (youtubers or vloggers). Right after you will be granted to see the results of what other people have voted. Are you curious about it? Then wait no more and start discovering !

This trivia pictures game contain many famous youtubers and vloggers from all over the world. Similar as many dating apps, in this game you need to find out if you like the person or not… Are you ready for this smash or pass challenge? This type of game is the one played by the vast majority of youtubers doing the youtubers life.


– Standard game : Simulator of dating app where you need to swipe right or left the given picture
– Real-time results of the quiz pictures sent by others players (we store data in our cloud)
– Send your best quiz pictures (or use your would you rather style)
– track of the raft results of your pictures
– New You laugh you lose mode , you won’t be able to resist this !
– Challenge and share with your friends, senpai
– Remember to report inappropriate pictures before party hard !

In the next party hard game mode you will be able to compite with other friends with your own picture and rank high in the main charts,also you will be granted to choose between different scenarios, like the happy room scenario, happy room is part of the party hard mode

The Smash or Pass challenge was inspired by youtubers as pewdiepie and jacksepticeye , was also raft inspired by them so in case you are one of them please feel free to use this game for your videos.

Enjoy the game !

What new in version: 1.0.3!




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