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  • Mermaid Secrets5-Sea Rescue
  • Mermaid Secrets5-Sea Rescue
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Mermaid Secret High School Love Story! Mermaid Princess Games for Girls!
Someone is drowning in the sea! Accidents happened in the surfing competition. Oh, No. It’s Eric. He saved your life before. Now he is in danger, you can’t just leave him to die! Work out the solution and rescue him immediately! Take him to the hospital and use the professional tools to cure him.

1. Someone is drowning in the sea! Accidents happened at the finals. Rescue him Now!
2. Time is tight! Ride the speed boat and start right away!
3.It’s emergency! Stop a heart attack, bring Eric back to life!
4. Use defibrillator and Hi-tech tools to cure the patient.
5. Rake the dirty seaweed from Eric’s head.
6. Cure the wounds with magic cream.
7.Eric seems recover consciousness. But why he fainted away again. I think my tail scared him. Send him to hospital immediately.
8. The professional doctor will try her best to save Eric. Treat him with cool surgeries!
9. Bring the yummy soup to the hospital and it can help Eric recover soon!
10.In order to thanks for your good care, Eric invited you to a dinner, sounds great!
11. Oh, no! Why Mia left in such a hurry! Did Eric do something wrong?

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