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  • LiveTalkS - Free Video Chat
  • LiveTalkS - Free Video Chat
  • LiveTalkS - Free Video Chat
  • LiveTalkS - Free Video Chat
  • LiveTalkS - Free Video Chat


Get a chance to see foreigner.
Live Talk S video chat is a new concept video chat application that will enable you to make friends all over the world.
1:1 This video chat is available with real-time live chat.
Can also become friends with users in many countries look to widen the contacts.
Feel free to chat and make a pen pal so as to learn a foreign language and enjoy communicating with foreign friends.
This video chatting application will enable you to make friends both of the same and opposite sex worldwide.
Try sending your friend a heart as a way of showing appreciation. This is one way to build a good relationship.
Feature Description
1. Club – You can join in club, search for women, men, continents, popularity, and new members.
2. Room – You can join in room, there are all live users that are able to chat immediately.
3. Talk – Post one line talk and Get an advice from LiveTalk family.
4. Moment – Share your live with images and words.
5. Neighbour – Chance to know who lives around you. There are all our LiveTalk family.
6. Point – Caller will spend some points in video chat. It is chargable in many ways (In-app purchase, Check-in, Facebook like, …)
6. Cash – Callee will get some cash and cash will give you lots of reward.

– Please keep in mind that the other party is aware of which country you are from. Observe proper etiquette.
– All human beings are equal. Please avoid saying or doing anything racist.
– Your profile pictures are censored. Do not use indecent photos.

What new in version: 1.42!