Klondike $ Classic Solitaire

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Klondike $ Classic Solitaire is the category of games played with one or more card decks and which objective is to move all the cards from one determined display to one pile or piles.
Playing this solitaire game will keep you company during sleepless nights. For an stressed or worried mind it can be of great ease to relax by playing one or two games of solitaire.

There is a charm and solace about Solitaire which is beginning to be more generally and deservedly appreciated.
Game Features:
1. Random Shuffle,
2. Winning deal
3. Daily challenge.
4. Time attacking
5. Replay This Game
6. Draw 1 card
7. Draw 3 cards
8. Portrait
9. Landscape

Klondike $ Classic Solitaire affords an attractive way and a grateful relief when overtaxed by too assiduous application to business or study; it serves to fill up idle hours, and to soothe the unrest of the unfortunate victim of insomnia. It offers advantages that are conspicuously wanting in all other card games: -No need for waiting for one or more companions to make up a game.

What new in version: 1.0.0!



Adult Game