GBWhats apk Black Edition


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  • GBWhats apk Black Edition
  • GBWhats apk Black Edition
  • GBWhats apk Black Edition
  • GBWhats apk Black Edition
  • GBWhats apk Black Edition
  • GBWhats apk Black Edition


GB WhatsApp black edition ; the last update, more improve and developed version on android; which has a feature that appreciate your needful and necessaries!
When you’ve upgrade to the new version number 3.17.81 you’ll see the difference on opening and watching all videos YouTube’s without leaving GB WhatsApp.
Adding that according its Picture_in_Picture system; you’ll be able to watch the video while you surf in the Net
Once someone shares with you some links in a conversation; all what you need is a simple click in the link and automatically a small pop-up will turn up
This new version lets you register a long audio message! This latest update done for your usefulness by swiping up an audio messages while recording it instead of getting the below button down during your record!
It’s not renowned when YouTube trait will occur to Android, and on writing we can’t achieve the feature in spite of updating WhatsApp black. So we’ve inquired WhatsApp for some clarification
This special and last update keeps on the rollout of WhatsApp edition “Undo Send”. Since October, anyone run the last option of this app had the ability to delete messages by choosing “Delete for me” Or “Delete for Everyone”.
The latter will delete the message from the twice [your phone and the other person’s phone]. Should be aware that you have just a seven minute to remove the disfavor message!

What new in version: 1.2!