Beast Battle Simulator Survival


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  • Beast Battle Simulator Survival


Beast Battle Simulator Survival is a physics based battle-simulation sandbox game featuring different creatures as:dinosaurus, animals etc. Kamikaze Zebras VS. T-Rex with laser guns, Lions with machine guns VS. a flock of 60 seagulls; everything is possible! Watch as the beasts fightr and smash each other!

Beast Battle Simulator Survival is fully physics simulated, so the beasts can smash and knock each other over in emergent ways wich is stunningly fun. They can even lose limbs depending on where they’re hit or bitten. Every beast in the game has a unique fighting style and attack pattern they can use.

Weapon Attachments

Customize your beasts with different weapons as flamethrowers, machineguns and even bomb vests and send them to rip each other.

Challenge Mode

In Beast Battle Simulator Survival exists challenge mode, you must construct a team of beasts to complete a given task for each level. The game currently features 30 challenges, but more are planned to be added in the future. From smashing down pyramids of crates, to beating big dinosaurs in GIANT beast soccer, to having to face the dreaded penguin king, each challenge offers a unique gameplay experience.

Beast Football

BBS includes a Soccer gamemode in which you can pit beasts against each other for a violent game of soccer. Who plays better football: Brachiosaurus or Polar Bears? Set up the match and find out for yourself!

Sandbox Mode

In sandbox mode, the only limit is your imagination. You set up both teams for a custom battle of whatever units you want. You can even edit the health and damage values of your beasts to create unique custom units like a super-powered puppy, or a killer pig.
Beast Control
At any time during battle you can use left click to take control of a beast and join the battle!


35+ different dinosaurs and animals to use in battles.

Weapons you can use (Flamethrowers, Lasers, Miniguns, etc)

Sandbox mode
Challenge mode (currently includes 30 Challenges)
Custom units: You can modify your unit characteristics as health, damage etc.
Beast Control: you can controll your beasts at anytime during the fight

What new in version: 1.1!