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The Aether is a modded dimension in the Minecraft. It’s basically the opposite of the Nether as it’s supposed to look as if you are in heaven (rather than in hell). In the vanilla mcpe version of Pocket Edition there are really just two dimensions to visit: the Overworld and the Nether. This map lets you experience walk through a portal which takes you to the Aether.

How to go to the Aether?
Just to be clear, this dimension isn’t really existent.
Once you’ve spawned you will find yourself in a small house in a forest. Exit the house to find the Aether mcpe portal. When you are ready, walk into the portal!

There are some inhabitants of the world which can be found on the other side of floating island.

Liked this map? Then have a look at The End City map! It’s quite similar, but another dimension.

The Aether mod for minecraft is another dimension and to get there you need to build an Aether mcpe Portal. (And since it replaces the End you can also just find a stronghold which contains a portal room if you find that easier).

To build the portal you will need 12 Aether Portal blocks and 12 Aether Portal Keys. (Follow this guide to learn how to build one.)

Make sure to bring night vision potions, weapons, armor and maybe a poison dart shooter (bow and arrows) as everything you will find there will be hostile.

(Make sure to drink a potion of night vision!)

The Aethermen are tall, slender people who bear a golden crown on their head. They are the servants of the Aether Dragon who will fly over the area and protect its interests.

The Aether Dragon is vicious monster which shoots wind balls at its enemies. It causes a lingering effect of Aether’s Breath.

Lots of experience awaits anyone who is brave and skillful enough to defeat the Aether Dragon. It is fought similarly to the Ender Dragon. Begin by destroying the Aether Crystals and then kill the dragon.

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